Are you one of those people who don’t like the selfie trend just because you don’t own the beautiful, pearly white smile? If yes, then there are good chances that you might have thought about going for teeth whitening in Brampton but have been put off because of all those rumours that you have heard about the treatment. Many people, just like you, are scared of getting teeth whitening and think that this procedure would not only harm the enamel but also the roots of the teeth. But this is not so. Not only the celebrities have the right to a healthy smile; you can also have the same smile, thanks to this amazing treatment.

We talked to several patients and dental experts to find out what keeps people away from dental whitening services. And the answers we got were nothing but false information and myths. That is why today in this post, we are going to debunk the top four myths associated with teeth whitening and will give you the accurate facts. Let us go through them one by one.

1. You can use the simple baking soda or hydrogen peroxide for whitening the teeth.

When you use baking soda for teeth whitening purpose, it disturbs the natural flora of mouth and decreases the n umber of good bacteria in the buccal cavity. Similarly, while using hydrogen peroxide for whitening, it comes in the direct contact with the gum tissues and starts free radical reactions that age them.

2. Whitening toothpaste and whitening gums give the similar results.

Now there is no doubt in the fact that whitening toothpaste and gums have whitening chemicals in them. But the quantity is too weak to have any lasting effects on the teeth. According to dental experts, whitening chemical has to be applied for at least 20 minutes to have the desired effects.

3. Teeth will forever stay white after whitening treatment.

The colour that comes after whitening treatment is permanent, but you can’t stop the process of ageing which leads to the yellowish hue. After the treatment, regular touch ups are necessary for the remarkable teeth.

4. Whitening gels with strongest concentrations are the best.

Whitening gels with strong concentrations speed up the whole process, but doesn’t guarantee the shelf life of whitening process. Apart from that, higher concentrations cause sensitivity and pain as well.

Don’t become the victim of myths and rumours related to teeth whitening in Brampton. Know the facts and book your appointment right now with Sandalwood Smiles Dentistry that offers you the best dental services.
Till then, keep smiling!

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