Reasons Why Braces are Important Part Of Child Dental Care?

You look around and you see little kids with steel studded smiles. It might make you wonder if it was necessary in the first place. Some of you feel that cosmetic orthodontics is a luxury, an unnecessary indulgence. But it’s more about what pleases the eye.
At Sandalwood Smiles, we educate our patients on the importance of orthodontics. We are dedicated to the cause of spreading awareness regarding different dental procedures. That’s why we’re the best child dental care providers in Brampton.
Here we enlist the various reasons why braces are more important than you think.

Smile makeover
The most obvious reason why people get braces. And of course, perfectly aligned teeth make for a gorgeous smile. But more than that, it boosts one’s confidence. A confident smile makes for a charming demean-or. Teeth realignment is time consuming but the end result makes it totally worth it.

To avoid gingivitis
A food for thought. How misaligned teeth can cause gingivitis? Due to overlapping of teeth, food particles that get lodged in between teeth cannot be removed. This leads to plaque deposition over time in those hidden creases. If this goes unnoticed for long, gingivitis is just around the corner. Hence, to ensure a healthy, germ free mouth, teeth realignment is a must.

To protect TM J
Misaligned teeth can cause obstruction in the proper functioning of Temporal-Mandibular joint. Often patients with improper alignment of teeth complain of crepitus as they open their mouth beyond a certain range of motion. However, this problem is solved as soon as they have their teeth alignment fixed. Therefore, teeth alignment is necessary to protect your TM J in the long run.

To protect oral mucous
Crooked teeth often strike against oral mucous, especially inner surface of lips, often causing ulcers. Repetitive ulceration in mouth is often seen in patients with misaligned teeth. Mouth ulcers are painful and a nuisance. Repeated ulceration is harmful for digestive system as well. Therefore, if you’re facing similar problems, you should get your teeth checked at once.

The thing about braces is that the sooner, the better. The best age for getting braces is between 7 to 14 years. After that, it becomes a little difficult as teeth get compactly lodged and tucked together and more advanced techniques are required to fix them.
At Sandalwood Smiles, a team of experienced orthodontists carry out a proper orthodontic evaluation of your child. We offer the best orthodontic services in Brampton.