With the increasing awareness of population towards overall health, a gradual raise has been seen in the popularity of oral health. Now people are more concerned about dental hygiene and health as well as the various treatment options available to deal with any issues. One such treatment that has gain tons of weightage due to its effects is root canal treatment in Brampton. Now the question arises what exactly is root canal? Root canal is a natural void in the tooth where the soft tissues with all the blood supply or so-called pulp is present. In case, the pulp gets injured or damaged due to infection, it damages the nerves as well as blood supply. The patient, then, has to undergo a treatment known as root canal treatment so that the infection won’t do anymore damage.

Now there are certain symptoms that can help you to figure out if you need root canal treatment or not. Some of them are as follows:

  • Decayed, damaged or loosened tooth
  • Spontaneous, sharp pangs of unbearable pain
  • Swelling of the gums and face
  • Sensitivity towards hot and cold food
  • Throbbing pain in jaws, ears and is sometimes extended to temple
  • Discharge of pus from gums with a bad odour and foul taste

There is a certain set of diagnosis that you have to follow before going for root canal treatment. Your dental expert will look for various signs of damages including swelling, pus, redness etc. The whole examination includes the proper check of nerves and tooth along with X- rays and then, if the procedure is required, a date is set for the same.

Procedure of the Treatment

Step 1: The initial step of the treatment includes X-rays along with numbing the infected area. With the help of X- rays, the shape of the roots and extent of damage is determined. Then the area is anesthize using local anesthesia.

Step 2: A dental gum, usually a sheet of rubber or vinyl is used to separate the infected tooth from the rest.

Step 3: A hole is drilled in the infected tooth to reach the infected pulp as well as root canals. Once it is done, then with the help of root canal files, the infected debris included pulp, damaged tissues and nerves are removed.

Step 4: After the tooth is cleaned and disinfected, the canals are shaped for the filling and once again cleaning is done.

Step 5: In the next sitting, the root canal cavities are filled with gutta percha along with sealer. Usually, dentists suggest putting a crown over exposed roots for a more permanent treatment.

Step 6: The final step of treatment includes the adhesion of crown. You may require an additional sitting based on your treatment and extent of previous damage. You would be on antibiotics for few days to keep any infection at a bay.

But for such procedures, you need dental experts who have years of experience under their belt. So, if you are thinking to undergo root canal treatment in Brampton, your best bet is Sandalwood Smiles Dentistry as they have a team of experienced dentists who have in depth theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the same.

Till then, keep brushing and smiling!

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