You are following brushing and flossing like one of the Ten Commandments, visit your dental expert regularly and don’t even take a slight tooth discomfort lightly. Well, we have got one good news and one bad news for you. The good news is that you won’t have to face severe dental problems and the bad news is that there are still chances, you are the biggest enemy of your teeth. Though you have adopted all the measures of oral health services in Brampton, but there are certain lifestyle behaviours that can wreck havoc on all your measures.
Below is a list of some habits or behaviours that have the potential to do irreversible harm to your teeth. Let’s go through them one by one:

1 Using toothbrush with hard bristles is a major factor in gum receding. It also leads to the abrasion on teeth surface. For regular brushing, multi tufted, soft bristles tooth brush is recommended.

2 Forcefully and frequent brushing can also lead to severe damage to gums. Ideally, brushing twice a day with moderate pressure is sufficient. It is advisable to go for brushing after half an hour of eating as the acids in food weaken the enamel.

3 Many of us have the bad habit of biting nails. Usually it is an unintentional reaction to anxiety, panic and nervousness. But it also causes tiny chips and fracture of teeth.

4 Just imagine what are you exposing your teeth to when you bite and chew ice. Even the blenders have different blades for crunching the ice; teeth are simply not meant for it.

5 Dry mouth is one condition that is harmful for the overall dental health. Lack of saliva that causes dry mouth increases the chances of erosion of enamel, bad breath and cavities.
Some other points that can be added to the list includes sugar and carbonated beverages, bruxing and excessive consumption of caffeine. But thanks to Sandalwood Smiles Dentistry, the best oral health services in Brampton, now taking care of teeth is just a piece of cake!

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