With advancing age, health demands more attention. Old age brings with itself a plethora of ailments. Joint pains, arthritis, cardiac diseases, and respiratory syndromes are the common afflictions of old age. To avoid these health troubles, we take all necessary precautions. We eat right, meditate, exercise, and go for routine checkups.

With increasing age, our body changes. All systems of our body get affected. If uncared for, diseases are not far behind. The same goes for our teeth. Age takes a toll on our oral health. That’s why family dentists at Sandalwood Smiles, Brampton, call for a proactive approach to combat age related dental ailments. As one grows old, the degeneration-regeneration cycle disrupts. There is faster degeneration and slower regeneration.

Ageing teeth require a more vigilant care. How to go about it? We’ll tell you right here.

Regular Care

You say you’ve been visiting your dentist once a year? Make it two. Many medical conditions that old age drags along like diabetes affect teeth as well. It’s advised to double your visits to dental clinic as you grow older. Moreover, good oral health is necessary to keep certain cardiac afflictions at bay.

Watch What You Eat

Limit your intake of coffee and tea. Quit smoking. Be a little easy on alcohol. Basically everything that’s good for your overall health, is good for your teeth as well. Avoid eating foods high in crabs and include lean proteins in your diet. Say no to processed food. Include salads and healthy nuts in your diet.

Exercise Regularly

Where high intensity weight training is considered bad for teeth, mild to moderate intensity exercise is actually good for your teeth. One of the many ups of exercise is that a balanced BMI is achieved which prevents hypertension and diabetes. Studies have shown a positive correlation between regular exercise and good oral health. According to a clinical study, people who exercised regularly were less susceptible to contracting periodontitis. Exercise rejuvenates you, boosts immunity, and keeps you healthy. Now’s a good time to put on your running shoes.

There are many treatment options available in geriatric dentistry. From fitting full set or partial dentures to dental crowning, all the procedures related to geriatric dental care are carried out flawlessly at Sandalwood Smiles. Though we insist you may never need one and your natural teeth may outlive you. But if, however, you do need geriatric dental procedures, you’ve got us.

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