Why annual check-up at the best dental clinic is crucial?

Of all the body ailments, dental troubles are the ones that are most neglected. Most people only visit a dental clinic when they suffer from dental pain. But they don’t realize that with regular annual check-up, the factors leading to that discomfort could have been avoided. As a part of the assessment questionnaire prepared by Sandalwood Smiles, the best dental clinic in Brampton , nearly 50% of the patients were visiting a dentist after more than 2 years. That’s a big lag as far as dental health is concerned. But we don’t take it seriously. Here we enumerate the various reasons why annual dental checkups are important. To identify hidden oral problems

Most of the times, patients just look at the surface and they consider that their teeth are healthy. What they don’t realize is that a lot occurs beneath the surface. An ailing tooth may look perfectly fine on the outside but on X-ray examination, a hidden area of decalcification and necrosis may be revealed. In that case, a burr hole is needed to reach the rotten area of that tooth. So don’t go by the external appearance. Go for regular annual checkups to identify the hidden problems that can be nipped in the bud if diagnosed on time.

For preventive maintenance of oral health

There are many dental procedures that must be performed on an annual basis like cleaning and scaling. A dental visit is required for all those treatments. Scaling if done once a year keeps your teeth free of harmful plaque that can lead to gingivitis if left untreated. Dentists all over the world recommend prophylactic procedures once a year to maintain oral health in the long run.

As a post-op follow-up procedure

There are many dental procedures that must be performed on an annual basis like cleaning and scaling. A dental Annual visits are recommended as a follow up after undergoing a dental surgery to chart the progress and success of the said procedure. Whether you’ve undergone a flap surgery or a dental implant installation, it’s important to pay your dentist an annual visit to see if everything’s going as planned.

At times, the patient might be required to visit twice a year as prescribed by your dentist. That may be due to any other health complication such as diabetes which can have an adverse effect on oral health and on the success of dental surgery. Therefore, don’t think of annual visits as a marketing ploy. It’s an important aspect of maintaining oral health and the best dentists in Brampton at Sandalwood Smiles vouch for that.

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