Top Reasons Your Baby Should See a Child Dentist by the Age of One

What should be the age of kids at the time of their first dental visit? For this question, several parents would answer: somewhere around four-five years. There are parents who would wait till their child finishes the kindergarten. But such parents don’t know what harm they are causing by delaying the visit to child dentists in Brampton. According to the experts, the ideal age of taking kids to dental expert is 1. Yes, you heard it right! Now you can imagine what harm would already be caused in these 4 years.

There are several reasons why you should take the kids to dentist at such an early age. And in this post, we are going to give you all those reasons, so that no more harm can be done to the innocent smiles.

1 The attack of cavities starts well before the age of four years. According to a study conducted by AAPD, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, roughly around 40-50 per cent of children showed the onset of cavities even before the age of 2 years. This calls for a visit to the dentist as soon as the kid celebrates his/her first birthday.

2 Many people think that milk teeth are of no importance. But this is not so. Primary teeth form the foundation of permanent teeth and any kind of problem with them can cause speech impairment, jaw and biting issues.

3 Pacifiers have been of great help to the new parents. But they fail to realize that such habits, if not broken before the age of 3, can cause serious dental problems. This kind of information and any abnormality because of thumb sucking and pacifiers can only be given by dentists.

4 Teething is a vital part of the overall development of child. Seeing a dentist now would ensure proper growth and development of baby’s teeth and early detection of any impending dental issue.

5 Sometimes tooth decay is genetic and it can only be treated if detected at early stages. That is why visiting child dentists in Brampton is advisable as the dentist would recommend fluoride treatment that would halt the further decay.

We hope that all the above-mentioned points have convinced you to take your wards to a good pediatric dentist before it’s too late. Find some good dental services like Sandalwood Smiles Dentistry in your area and book an appointment for your little munchkin today.

Till then, keep smiling!