Top 5 Dental Care Myths Debunked

There is a common saying and you might have heard it many a times- “at least you have your health”. Changing times have changed the perception of healthcare in many ways. But what exactly is health? Is it mere absence of disease like coronary heart issues and cancer or is it the overall holistic approach? Health is a consolidated package of strong immunity, absence of disease and the best life quality. And withal this, oral health can’t be neglected. Just like any other healthcare concept, there are many myths associated with best dental care in Brampton.

Many a times people have many doubts in their mind regarding the treatment they undergo, the toothpaste and mouthwash they use, reason behind cavities an many others. And more the doubts, more the myths. So, in this post we are going to bust a few common and popular myths associated with dental care.

Myth 1
Sugar is to be blamed for the cavities and tooth decay
We have always blamed sugar for the cavities. But it is not true. The main reason behind tooth decay is bacteria that secrete acid. This acid mixes with saliva forms plaque that attacks the tooth enamel.

Myth 2
The most efficient mouthwash has alcohol in it
Usually mouthwashes don’t have alcohol in them. Alcohol has denaturing and dehydrating properties. It can lead to dryness and studies has shown that it can lead to oral cancer.

Myth 3
Whiter teeth are healthier
The colour of the teeth varies from person to person. White teeth may have infection and cavities hidden between them.

Myth 4
Silver fillings are safe for health
According to the experts, most of the silver fillings have mercury in them and we are not a stranger to the health dangers posed from mercury. Silver fillings should be changed on regular intervals.

Myth 5
Flossing is not important if you brush regularly
Flossing and brushing goes side by side; they are not each other’s substitute. Flossing cleans 30 per cent of teeth’s surface that brushing alone can’t do.

Now you know the facts of oral health. Apart from the regular practices, regular visit to experts for best dental care in Brampton is very important. So book your appointment with Sandalwood Smiles Dentistry and get the finest quality dental care services.