In this tech-savvy world, everything is within arm’s reach. Then why should your dental care be far away? Mobile applications developed exclusively to facilitate dental care have made booking appointments and dental care an easy task.
Sandalwood Smiles, the best dental care providers in Brampton, have shortlisted 4 smartphone apps that keep you on your toes when it comes to taking care of your teeth. It’s no surprise that there is an app for everything. In dental care too, specialised apps are there for various aspects of dentistry and oral hygiene.

Braces Help
The first one on the list, Braces Help is an app designed and developed for people who have undergone orthodontic treatment or planning to go on one. It’s an informative application that provides info in the form of articles, pictures, and videos on how to care for your braces. If you face any problem with your braces, you’ll most likely find a solution here. You can even share the content via email and SMS with your friends and family. You can wireless print the pictures and articles to an Air-Printer. It’s available on Apple iTunes.

Brush DJ
Brush DJ is a fun app that makes bushing time fun and less boring. According to dentists all over the world, the ideal brushing time is 2-3 minutes. This app encourages to stretch time to 2 minutes by playing 2 minutes of music from your collection, cloud or streaming service. So you can groove while brushing. You can also set reminders to change your toothbrush/brush head, to brush twice a day, for flossing, using a mouthwash, and for your next scheduled dental appointment. Available on both iTunes and Google Play.

Dental Phobia
It’s a thoughtfully created app for those who fear from dentists. Even though Sandalwood Smiles’ sedation dentistry takes care of that, this app does this in a personalised way. It helps in curing dental phobia by means of hypnotic trance. This makes the dental treatment bearable and even enjoyable. It helps you shun unnecessary feelings of fear and anxiety. Available on both iTunes and Google Play.

Kids Dental Care
Teeth of children are different from adults. So is their dental care. Kids Dental Care app specifically addresses the dental care needs of children. This app integrates with your phone camera, text messaging, and local storage. It helps you deal with all sorts of dental emergencies by providing instant advice and feedback’s with detailed instructions. You can consult your dentist quickly and clearly from anywhere with this app. GPS navigation feature helps to reach your dental appointment on time no matter where you are. Available on Google Play.
These are the apps to look forward to for complete dental care. In any case, you can book an appointment with Sandalwood Smiles, Brampton by logging in to our official website.

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